Who invented the Thermometer and What is a Thermometer?

The first thermometer was called a thermoscope, and while many inventors simultaneously invented the version of the thermoscope. The Italian inventor Santoro Santoro was the first inventor to fill a numerical scale on the device. In 1593, Galileo Galilei invented a primitive water thermometer that first measured temperature variation. In 1714, Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer, a modern thermometer.

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  • Who invented the thermometer?
  • What is a Thermometer?
  • Lord William Thompson Kelvin
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Who invented the Thermometer?


1596 Galileo Galilei and the first thermoscope
Galileo Galilei is often claimed to be an inventor of a thermometer. Although he invented the device, it could not be called a strict thermometer. The difference in temperature measured by the thermometer is the difference; The Galileo devices did, but only showed the difference in temperature. Thermoscope in a real sense

The Thermometer

Who invented the Thermometer and What is a Thermometer?

The thermometer without the previous degree of thermometer is. It only shows the temperature difference, that is, it can show that the temperature is more, less or equal. Unlike a thermometer, this difference cannot be measured, the thermoscope is widely used by a team of researchers in Venice. Includes a Galileo thermometer with thermometer

What is a Thermometer?

The thermometer measures the temperature and heats or cools the substance somehow. On a mercury or alcohol thermometer, the liquid is hot and shrinks after cooling. Thus, the length of the liquid is calibrated in a modern thermometer at continuous temperature units such as Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Lord William Thompson Kelvin

Calvin extended the whole process a step further on the Kelvin scale in 1848. The Kelvin scale measures the extreme peak of hot and cold. Kelvin called the idea of ​absolute temperature “another thermodynamics of thermodynamics” and developed a dynamic thermal theory.

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Sir William Thompson, Baron Calvin, Laura, Lord Kelvin from Scotland (1824 – 1907) attended Cambridge University. He later became Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow. His other achievements were to find the “Jules-Thompson effect” in 1852 and find the first transatlantic telegraph cable (for which he was removed). And a mirror gallvan invention for cable signaling, better vessel counting, mechanical tide predicts a Sipone recorder

Anders Celsius

The Celsius temperature scale is also known as “Celsius”. The mean means “shared or divided by 100 degrees”. The atmospheric pressure of the sea level (0C) and the boiling point (100 ° C), the clean water temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, which is invented by the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701-1744). The term “celsius” was adopted in 1948 by an international press and massage conference.

Anders Celsius was born in 1701 in Uppsala, Sweden. When he succeeded in 1730 as a professor of his astronomy. He built the first observatory in Sweden, the Upms Observatory in 1741, where he was appointed. In 1742 they made a Celsius or Celsius scale. He was also known for promoting Gregorian calendar and Aurora Borealis observations. His collection of 316 observations from Aurora Borealis was published in 1733. And in 1737 he took part in a French campaign. In 1741 he called for the first observatory in Sweden.

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