What is Inverter | Types of inverter | Parts of inverter

You will surely hear about the inverter and some of you will also have an inverter in the house. But do you know What is Inverter, how many types of inv are, what the inverters works, how do it work?

If you do not know this basic thing about the inverter, then read our post today. 

Inv is such an electric device. By which we can convert DC current into AC current and AC current can also be converted to DC current.

What is Inverter | Types of inverter | Parts of inverter


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The Inverters used in our homes are such a tool. From which we can generate electricity with the help of a battery. You can also charge that battery when the main power comes out.

1- Why do we need an inverter?

Often, electricity is missing in our homes here. And in such a way, we can not use the electric running equipment. After the power cuts are often done, we have to burn the lamp in our homes either. Or have to use Emergency Light

But if you want to power the electric bulb in your home even after the power cuts, the fan can run and if other tools are also needed, then you will need to buy an inv. 

2- Parts of inverter:-

The way the screen is different in your mobile, the battery is different, the SIM card is different, in exactly the same way the inverters also has the main 2 parts about which we are going to tell below. 


(A)- Battery – What is the battery in the inverter?


The battery is the power source of an inv. For the output power, you get from the inverters, the energy needed is taken from the battery itself. You have to buy the necessary ampere batteries according to your home load. 


(B)- UPS (Inverter) – What is the work of UPS in inverter?


UPS’s full form is “Uninterruptible Power Supply” and UPS is called “uninterrupted power supply” in Hindi. Its work is to convert the DC current of the battery into the AC power supply. And AC current is to be converted to DC current.

Simply put, the job of UPS is to convert the battery supply to electricity supply and charge the same battery with electricity supply in the absence of electricity. UPS is to buy according to your battery’s ampere.


3- Types of inverter:-

The way in which there are many types of mobile, television etc., there are 2 types of Inverters, which we are going to tell below.


(A)- Electricity Power Inverter:-


In the inverter, we use the power main supply to charge the battery, it is called power Inv. Power Inverter also has the following 2 types.

(B)- Modified Sine Wave Inverter:-


Modified sine wave inverters are  simple with a low circuit, which makes it cheaper. But due to low circuit use, the inverters consumes more power and battery and its functionality is also not correct.


(C)- Pure Sine Wave Inverter:-


Pure sine wave inverters have the highest quality and many types of circuits applied, due to which it is slightly costlier than the inverted . But due to the extra circuit that is installed in this inv, its efficiency is very good and it consumes at least energy during work.


(D)- Solar Inverter:-


Inverter, the sun rays are used to charge the battery, it is called a solar.

To charge a solar inverters, a solar plate is needed which is very expensive. If you have electricity in your area for a long time, you can buy a solar, but for that, you have to spend more money because the solar plate used for it is very expensive.

Although this inv does not require electricity to charge the battery, since the solar plate can only work in sunlight in the daytime, solar solar also has the option of charging it with main power supply. And if you want you can charge it even from electricity.

One thing is to note that, solar  and solar battery are available separately for a solar  and we can not use it on power or battery. 


4- Working of inverter:-

The inverter works on charging and discharging rules. As we have stated in parts of an inverter, the  UPS uses the battery energy in the absence of electricity to convert it into AC supply and when the power comes, it starts charging the battery.

During charging the battery, the inverter output bypasses the supply. That means all the load of your home during charging goes to your main supply so that the load over the battery is over and it starts charging fast and also increases the life of the battery.

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